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I need help for …

About asking Anonymous for help

Anonymous is a collective of different individuals, some don’t give a rat about your problems and some might want to help but …

  • We are busy. Most of us have at least two lives.
  • Whatever you want, it’s your mission, we will not do it for you.
  • We are not for hire.

I need help about

Computer security

Then you need to learn a few things.
MacOS and Windows is a no go. Ditch them as soon as you can.


Use Ubuntu operating system or Debian, if you know Ubuntu.
Firefox web browser, AdBlock Plus, HTTPs everywhere and DuckDuckGo. Also work on Android devices.
Tor Browser Bundle and TOR project.
Encrypted e-mails
Pidgin OTR

Cell phones security

Perfect security is impossible, but you can improve.

You need one of those Android compatible devices.
Install CyanogenMOD OS.
First read A guide to staying secure.
Suggested apps : F-Droid, Orbot and DuckDuckGo browser and not Orweb.
Check Hardning Android security.

Helping, joining or supporting Anonymous

Read the guides and figure out the rest yourselves.


We don’t hack for anybody! So GTFO.
Read the following books :

  • Ghosts in the wires
  • The art of deception
  • The art of intrusion
  • Coding Freedom

Train here

Some more

Getting involved with other activists

Find the movement you want to join and contact them.
maintain accounts you can check.

I need help for a cause I believe in

Read : How to become an Internet Hero & Stigmergy

About Lizard Patro/Squad/Mafia


Official ceasefire for gaming networks

My topic is not covered here

“Rise and Rise again until the sheeps become Lions.”