You are tracked by ; The NSA, Cloudflare, Google, Twitter, Facebook and many others.
For total privacy visit us on the Tor network at imtrjn3qe2tzh5ae.onion while using the TOR Browser Bundle.


We all know it, everybody needs money to operate. Don’t worry, we don’t accept/need any donations but in case you want to donate we have created a list of activist groups and important network. We listed some here, please consider donating to them.

CyberGuerrilla AnonNexus collective

CyberGuerrilla provide services specialized for the Anonymous collective. They are an important part of our network and known to be trust worthy. Servers cost around 2000$/year to operate.

Accept : Paypal and Bitcoin.

Free Anons

This team make sure we’re never forgotten and will help us until the very end.


RiseUp provide free services, like blogs, forums, event management, emails to activists around the globe. They protect their server from surveillance and hackers very well. Founded by Seattle techno anarchists, they rely on donations to maintain their servers.

Donate to RiseUp

The Electronic Frontier Foundation

They defend Internet freedom in the light and fight the legal battles. They are bad asses and they know their stuff.

Donate to the EFF

The Tor Project

The Tor Network, the place where we work, do our researches and communicate with each other. Tor is the only decentralized network which is still NSA-resistant. It doesn’t stop the NSA, it beats them.

Donate to the Tor Project

The Internet Defense League

A bunch of open source companies that work each day to make the Internet a better place. They have a strike team dedicated to fight for the better good. And also they own the “Cat signal”. Like the bat signal but with… cats… We all love cats.

Donate to the Internet Defense League (scroll down).

Wiki Leaks

They need no introduction : Donate to wikileaks