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Operation Volskrieg

Greetings citizens of the United States, we are anonymous.

At the end of this video Phase I, of Project V, will be initiated. As we’ve said always, do not stress. We will explain Phase I and its base in this video. Phase I is a setting of unity. You have the choice to start a revolution, right now, or to wait until November, in where Phase IV commences, or, to wait even longer for next year. Phase I is solely based on activism, in where protesting, and occupying is the main base of it. In order for this to work, and to be effective.

The people of the united states, need to co-operate. The first special event of Phase I will take place on February 11th. All information concerning the February 11th event called: The day we fight back. Is located in a link, for which you can find and click to in the description of this video. These 3 months, starting on February 11th, through April 30th. Are months of both enlightenment and occupation/protesting.

The choice to be either violent or peaceful, is up to you, yet if you represent the idea known to all as anonymous, peaceful resistance is the solution. We must stress, heavily, that this phase will not work unless the people co-operate. We need to back away at the unessential in life; such as sports, reality TV shows, video games, and celebrities. Why do we worry for them since they are multimillionaire people/corporations that are always free, always have the will and power to get away from any problem and or situation. MSNBC, along with FOX are useless, bias, and lying media that are only controlled, funded and fabricated by the government, elitists and corporations.

Independent news organizations are the true news seekers in this country. The time to organize is now. The time to talk to your fellow Americans is here. Do not be afraid, or timid, to interact with the people in your country. We are here for a reason, to unite, to enjoy life, we are living in galaxy, a universe.. and we are here starting wars, going day to day with our boring, mindless jobs. In a system that is willed bent to make us its slaves. We apologize, yet the time has now come, the revolution of America should’ve came 3 years ago. Start organizing, occupying, and alerting the masses.

Anonymous as a whole is a message. You are the ones worth the power to take action, to either live free, or die hero. In order to communicate we implore the citizens to add the add-on called Cryptocat to your browsers. For more information on what Cryptocat is, what it does please refer to our security video. Once you have Cryptocat installed, place your county name in the conversation name section, your nickname, in the nickname section (press connect) and start talking to the people in your area. Needless to say, start trying, start interacting, the time for real action is now. Our duty, is over. The American revolution has begun.

We tell you stress-fully to organize, talk, and above all act. 2014 is the year we start trying. 2014 is the year of American revolution. This year will define the American people. As we’ve said always. You hold the choice, the will, and power, to act. Contacting our local reps has not worked. Watching a video, over and over again, will change nothing. Taking down a site, will, not, bring, change. We are the people, we are you. You have the choice to either forgive. Yet you will never forget. United as one, divided by zero. It is time to place our views, and differences, aside and act as one race, as a human race. To act as one voice, unified. To act as one power, one being, together, to act willingly, and swiftly. Citizens of the United States, and the united states government, for the first time in 7 years. Don’t expect us.

You will give the people, and ideal to strive forward, a message to make the movement. We have fallen to many times, yet, we have learned that our mission is over, the passing of the torch is to the people, and soon, we both, will join together, side by side, in the sun..

There are more of us, than there are of them. This is the people’s time to show who is the true boss of their country. To show, the powers that be, who really should fear. This is your time, to rise, and to never, stay silent.

Look at the will, the power and the unity, you, the people, hold. You have the potential to show who is control, to show who matters. And what causes need to be either shut down, or brought to light.

We promise you, that once you, the people, unite, you will feel an emotion unlike any other you have ever felt.. An emotion of love, happiness, and complete enlightenment. An emotion that only unification, of the people, can be created.

Phase I, code-named, Operation Volskrieg, of Project V, has been engaged.

Phase II, code-named, Operation Kunst, of Project V, will commence in 2000 hours..

Let them, expect you..

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