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Iran Indicts Jailed Washington Post Reporter Jason Rezaian.
In news from Iran, the jailed American journalist Jason Rezaian has been indicted FIVE MONTHS after his arrest. Rezaian is The Washington Post’s bureau chief in Tehran. He will be tried in a Revolutionary Court. It is still NOT KNOWN WHAT he is being charged with.
Young woman arrested in court over Facebook video.

Reporters Without Borders condemns young human rights activist Atena Ferghdani’s arrest in a Tehran court on 11 January when she responded to a summons about the video she posted on Facebook and YouTube on 26 December in which she described what happened to her after her arrest last August. After her arrest on 24 August, she was incarcerated in Section 2A of Tehran’s Evin Prison – a section controlled by Revolutionary Guards – and was held until 2 November.

“I was interrogated for nine hours a day,” she said in the video.

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