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For total privacy visit us on the Dark Net at imtrjn3qe2tzh5ae.onion while using the TOR Browser Bundle.

How to join Anonymous

This document is part of our how to help, contact or join Anonymous series. Be sure to check them out.

The corrupt fear us. The honest support us. The heroic join anonymous.

So you want to get on board the Lulzboat? You better get ready cause it’s no joy ride, sometimes it’s borderline the Raft of the Medusa.

Before you begin

Non-tech savvy people can become Anonymous.
Get ready to read a lot of technical stuff.
Keep in mind : Survival of the fittest.

Alternative movements

You might want to consider joining a publicly and legaly known Activist movement where you don’t need to live like Batman. Here’s a small list of .

Forget your real identify

From now on never use anything that could link to you. Consider everything: any accounts or software you paid for or that contain any information about you. Especially your email addresses, your name and any nickname you ever used. If you don’t do that you’re fucked. It really is down and dirty Darwinian.

Read and learn

This is the part where you gotta learn. There’s no skipping. Do it or leave.

About the Anonymous movement

Software and computing concepts

The machine

Now you  need to setup a secure system. This can take days. There’s no easy way. It’s just pain.

For Windows users (low security)

For maximum security

For computer literate people

  • Get a dedicated computer.
  • Install Debian.
  • Encrypt the whole drive.
  • Get a VPN.
  • Use TOR Browser on top of your VPN.
  • Never use your computer for anything else.

Recommended software

Browsing : TOR Browser bundle, CryptoCat, DuckDuckGo, HTTPs Everywhere & Ad Block plus.
Email : Thunderbird, TorBirdy & Enigmail.
Instant messenger : Pidgin & OTR (setup tutorial).
Websites : , 10MinuteMail & Fake Name Generator


Read this Beginner guide to VPNs.

Join us!

  • Connect on our IRC servers (check the list on the contact Anon page).
  • Join the channel #OpNewBlood.