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How to contact Anonymous

This document is part of our how to help, contact or join Anonymous series. Be sure to check them out.

There are different ways you can contact Anonymous. It depends on what kind of info you’re trying to get.

Keep in mind that the hive live in the deep Internet. It’s hard to reach.

For help with hacking

Read our how to become a hacker section.

For help with online Anonymity or VPNs

Read Simple VPN guide for beginners and there’s useful information in How to become and join Anonymous guide.

For specific operations

  • Google “Anonymous Operation ” (replace with op hashtag)
  • Find the operation press release
  • Search for contact info in the Press Release
  • Contact

Publicly via Twitter

We used to maintain a list but all wanted to be removed due to all the stupid requests we got.

By chat

A few important things before you join the chat.

  • Don’t use a name related to you.
  • Don’t use any of your nickname.
  • Get ready to be trolled.
  • Don’t use your computer at home.

Choose a Server

AnonOps : Hot action and adventure. Home to , , Barret Brown, etc.
AnonNet : For lulz, fun, chat, tech, newfags. The father of anon IRCs.
CyberGuerrilla : The only network to accept TOR connections. Small and secure community.

In the deep Internet

You probably don’t want to go there but… whatever.

Good luck.

4Chan Random Board

In jail

If you want to contact people like Jeremy Hammond and Barret Brown, read our How to mail jailed Anons.