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#OpCharlieHebdo : A message from FEMEN activists to Anonymous

Right after the attack on Charlie Hebdo the Anon Insiders team got in touch with FEMEN. Both social justice warriors, based in France, we were sure they might know each other, and we were right. It turned out that some people at Charlie Hebdo were big supporters of FEMEN. Just look at the time line from January 6th to 10th.

FEMEN told us that both movements received constant death threats, faced legal actions, political pressure aimed at crippling their freedom of action, expression and thoughts.

The government used the anti-terrorism narrative against it’s people in the past, and now they are using it against activists. They are using the #JeSuisCharlie movement against us. They are orienting a “worldwide constructed rise up” for more urgent surveillance, resources, laws to take total control. Our own government kills and jails our brothers and sisters all the time. They killed one of our greatest mind already, Aaron Swartz.

Fuck this bullshit!
Fuck the terrorist narrative.
“Divided by zero!” -Anonymous

From FEMEN activists

They are using the death of our closest friends and accomplices to guide the masses in their direction. Charlie Hebdo would be disgusted to see what’s really going on. Saying that, not everybody in Charlie Hebdo was an honest fighter for freedom in the same way as not everybody is a « Femen fighter » for real worthy reasons.

As you saw it during the Paris Sunday March, the most prominent supporters of Charlie Hebdo are the real poisoned threats to democracy. Even before terrorism. Wisdom and clever tactics are needed here to act in the future.

Remember why you fight guys and go after the « free-press hypocrites » who rig a coward society. Don’t forget islamists, but don’t make a fatal mistake to follow psychic propaganda.

These world leaders are a worse threat to free press than Terrorism

At this very moment. FEMEN women in France are scared for their lives. We have are own war as women. We call it the Naked War. We are independent.

The war between civilisations, between « East » and « West », between political islam, capitalist system and euroasia goals is not our war. We’re not part of it. We’re another force. We need your help. And you need ours.

Feminism is part of patriarchy. It fights for women’s rights in the rotten system with the help of the system. Like hachking, sextremism is a hammer that destroys the old system.

You should and you have to be our allies if you’re in this for real.
You risk a lot. We risk everything.
We jump in the fire. Body and Mind.

We do not need each other. But we can become stronger. Together, we can become an unstopable force of revolution.

Femen has a lot of enemies.
Femen was tortured in Belarusia.
Femen had to exile from Ukraine.
Femen had to stop their activities in Slavic countries.
Femen was threaten, beaten, kidnapped several times in every country they started to operate.
Femen office in France « burned ».
Femen are « stopped » all the time financially and juridically.

Logically they can’t stop us for doing our « street strip performances ». It doesn’t make sense. They see now, that what they call « moral dogmatic codes » doesn’t work anymore. Intelligent people are never « shocked » or « insulted » by « obscene female breasts » when « pornographic breasts » are all over the billboards, in the journals and video clips.

But nobody, not even you, wants to hear our voice. A female voice. But you will never change the world without us. We are what you miss. We are what you desperatly need.

They want war between « I am Charlie » people and the ones who are « I am not Charlie ».

So, who are we?

How we can find the truth

The people involved are among sponsors, brains, mercenaries infiltrated, officers or isolated cells.
The real R(E)VOLUTION will come from the west. From Anonymous and Femen : UNITED.

We cannot allow ourselves be a part of this social engineering.

This are the targets we need to focus in our  research.
  • Mossad (Israel)
  • Wahhabism (Saudi Arabia)
  • Citizens United (USA)
  • John McCain, General Thomas McInerney, Major General Paul Vallely (Retired U.S. Air Force)
  • Chuck Hagel
  • James Hanke and Mike Harris
  • Gordon Duff

I’m not telling who’s the « bad guy ». We need to find out.

« I’m blond.
I have ass.
I have tits.
I want to start a revolution.
Are you with me? »
– Madonna

Let’s fuck the system, boys.