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Anonymous operation safe winter Montreal

Anonymous watched with outrage as the SPVM (Montreal Police) on January 7th brutally attacked the homeless encampment at Viger Square, removing the homeless people living there and destroying all of there belongings. Op Safe Winter Montreal was particularly outraged that all of the material that we had provided to the Viger Square encampment on December 23rd was confiscated and disposed of. Quebec is currently in the midst of a severe cold weather period, with temperatures plummeting to life threatening lows. Raiding encampments and destroying precious cold weather gear belonging to the homeless is an act of war against the poorest of the poor and could easily result in the death of these vulnerable individuals.

Anonymous will not stand by and allow the SPVM (Montreal Police) and the City of Montreal to attack homeless camps in the middle of winter. We call on everyone in Montreal to occupy Viger Square on Sunday – January 11, 2015 to re-establish and protect the encampment there. We will create a sanctuary for the homeless, protect the encampment – and begin providing basic services to them such as serving hot meals. Everyone should make there way to Viger Square on Sunday morning, bringing with them cold weather camping gear and supplies – and be prepared to live there with the homeless people until our demands are met. Everyone should also bring with them protective gear such as gas masks, material for building barricades, and anything else that might be useful in defending the encampment should it be attacked by the SPVM (Montreal Police).

Anonymous demands that the government of Montreal enact legislation creating a permanent moratorium on the raids of homeless encampments from December 1st to March 1st during which time the SPVM (Montreal Police) will be strictly forbidden to attack or harass any homeless encampment within the City of Montreal. Until this demand is met, we will continue to occupy Viger Square, protest in the streets of Montreal – and attack the cyber infrastructure of the City of Montreal and other entities as we see fit.

We Are Anonymous – We Are Legion – We Will Not Forgive Attacks On The Homeless – We Will Not Forget The Heartless Destruction Of The Viger Square Camp

City Of Montreal & SPVM….Expect Us


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