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The story behind GhostSecGroup and GhostSec

Once upon a time there were a bunch of people with varying skills that wanted to destroy the online presence of ISIS. Those people came together in a group called GhostSec (Ghost Security) in order to combine their various skills and cause more damage to ISIS.

Over the course of time that group changed, people left, people joined but the missions stayed largely the same. The group did some good in the world, took down some ISIS sites (more than 100( and had a bunch of twitter accounts banned (more than 15,000). The intel folks in the group even discovered attacks in Taxas, New York and Libya before they happened, in the time to let authorities know.

Unfortunately however, this lead various parts of the government to contact the group asking to leech off their intel. This was no problem, the group was happy to to share in the interests of keeping folds safe. But… Here our story turns nasty. The group had the idea to request funding for their intel and the government agreed (via a contractor of course), the intel then became a commodity that had to be protected and so stopped getting shared with the group’s followers. Divides started to appear in the group and many of the original members left.

New recruitment focused on intel folks instead of technical capability because intel is what earned them the bucks. Pretty soon all but 2 of the original members had left, taking with them all the technical skills and leaving behind guys who wanted to work as intel gathering engines for the government.

However, the folks left behind decided that as they did not control the website domain and since their government paymaster did not like their historic link to Anonymous, it was better to form a new group, and they called this group GhostSecGroup (just think of the creative process that went into creating this name… mind blown). Some of the old members who left GhostSec, upon hearing the news that the others were leaving, decided to come back and reform the old GhostSec and fulfil the original goals of the group, for no money!

So, now we have GhostSecGroup, an intel organization with the government ties and GhostSec, the original Ghost Security everyone followed still executing on it’s original mission.