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Anonymous OpNimr Press Release

Greetings citizens of the world

The arrest, torture and death sentence of Ali Mohammed al-Nimr is unacceptable to Anonymous. Anonymous will not allow Saudi Arabia to behead and crucify protesters or Muslims. The month of October was a costly one for Saudi Arabia and the future is going to be much moar worse. We want to feast on some caek, Saudi flavored. And we will get our fucking caek. Saudi Arabia has been warned

We Are Anonymous,
We Are Legion,
We Do Not Forgive,
We Do Not Forget,
Expect Us

حيات من مواطني العالم. نحن هويتهم. إلى حكومة المملكة العربية السعودية : تنفيذ حكم الإعدام بحق علي محمد نمر هو بكفاءة خطأ ونحن لن نقف موقف المتفرج. نطالب بإطلاق سراح الشاب علي محمد نمر أو نتوقف من أنفسنا. الغلام& # 039 (s يا عمي الشيخ نمر نمر كان ناشط في مجال حقوق الانسان قبل الحكم عليه بالإعدام قبل تنفيذ في 2014, يعتقد الكثيرون هذا هو السبب علي معاقبة.

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Location Ali-Nimr is being held: Detectives prison in highway road of Damman and Riyad
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protest November 13 11am-2pm outside the White House and Saudi embassy

UN issues urgent call to save juvenile offender set to be crucified in Saudi Arabia

1. Spread the word of

2. A letter sent to the Saudi Government to release an innocent teen

3. Don’t stand by and do nothing!

4. Are you going to do nothing? And let an innocent teenager die?

5. Saudi Arabia is about to execute a young political protester whom was tortured into signing a confession

6. Saudi Arabia will execute a young teenager for being a political protester!

7. This young activist will be beheaded & crucified by Save him.

8. . Are you going to do nothing? And let an innocent teenager die?

9. A Letter about to the Saudi Government:

10. Killing an Innocent teenager for protesting against the government

11. why don’t you care about ?

12. Stand up to your government! Say NO to the execute of Ali Mohammed al-Nimr

13. The government should be scared of its people not the other way round!
14. Fuck Saudi Arabia

15. We will save you Ali Mohammed al-Nimr