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Anonymous Insiders Tales 3: April 2013

Volume 1 Issue 3

You unlock this door with the key of imagination. Beyond it is another dimension – a dimension of sound, a dimension of sight, a dimension of mind. You’re moving into a land of both shadow and substance, of things and ideas. … Oops, wrong introduction! But on Anonymous planet,  everything strange and wonderful happens every day and here is another week full of ops and dagger.

The call for #MayDay : time to rattle some  cages

The winter has been long but it’s finally over. The Collective wants to salute warm weather and skimpy clothes with #Mayday.   So get out there on May 1st and join your city protest. Make noise, block streets and disturb everyone.

CISPA whatever

Yeah whatever! Cispa WE SO KICKED your ass.  While 600 websites turned black, none of the giant techs like Wikipedia or Google bothered to join. We added some spice by shutting down the US Copyright Office and  the lawmakers who pushed CISPA were doxed.  Honestly,  Homeland Security and others agencies don’t care. They spy on everyone even . At least all the corporations don’t get to spy on you for free, they have to spend some effort and cash. But they aint doing so bad. The Bank of America did a pretty good job *cough* *cough* at spying on the Occupy movement.

Anyhow, CISPA, like herpes,  is gonna come back with a different name in 4 months. So learn how to use VPNs and TOR. The Ultimate Guide for Anonymous and Secure Internet Usage v1.0.1 comes as a handy how-to.

OpAliceDay… BAT SLAP!

Who the f*** celebrate a pedophile holiday?  Seriously, the real big debate in the Collective boils down to what we hate the most, cat abusers or pedophiles. So here come Anonymous! We sort of crashed the party by defacing NAMBLA (North American Man Boy Love Association) website and a few others.

Matthew Keys

Barrett Brown, now Matthew Keys, somebody gets really infuriated when media folks mingle with Anonymous rapscallions. So this week on pretty nebulous twitting ground a month after he was accused of conspiring to help Anonymous hacking the Los Angeles Times website. We guess Reuters find the expression aiding and abetting the enemy a bit too old fashion or maybe its a bit awkward to make a clear policy statement against hackvistists whose main trust is freedom of information. Some folks seriously speculate we…hum…hum challenge “the relationship between mass media and those holding political-economic power.”

And also

is back! Poof. Magic. Twitter account appears.

Some good folks  have been at it with a twitterstorm to raise awareness on #Rohingya. Follow for some of the best coverage.

Some poor hecker claiming to be LulzSec leader has been apprehended in the Kingdom of Oz. Hopefully this is not another kangaroo court in the making :(

Still hot from their spree in support of the Palestinians, Anonymous Algeria hacked the Albany Democrats website.

YAN creates a new twitter account @YourAnonLive to cover news worldwide. And it’s hot!

Argggg….stop it guys! We are the internet hate machine, not some Do-Gooders :(

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We are the the Internets. We know “truth moves faster than lies, & propaganda becomes flammable.” via

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