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Million Person March Called For Independence Day

In this past week the USA has witnessed some truly epic moments in the history of civil rights in this country. Some were joyous, some were tragic – and some were heroic. From President Obama’s stirring eulogy to the Reverend Senator Pinckney, to the nationwide celebration for the LGBT community of the historic SCOTUS decision – to the now iconic images of Bree Newsome, a courageous young black woman – climbing a pole in front of the South Carolina State Capital and removing the Confederate Flag.

But as the President said in his moving eulogy, the work is not done. And the flag, a symbol of hatred and oppression – coming down is just the beginning. There is much more work to be done. And we must do this work together. Shoulder to shoulder. White, black, brown, red and yellow. Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu and atheist. Democrat, Republican, and Green. Socialists, Anarchists and Environmentalists. And while Anonymous agrees with the President of the United States that the Confederate Flag coming down for good in front of the South Carolina State Capital is just a small yet important beginning – it is a NECESSARY beginning. And one that has yet to occur.

On this day, we witnessed the incredible courage of Bree Newsome, a young black activist and organizer – bravely climb up that pole in front of the South Carolina Capital while quoting bible verses and remove herself what the legislature should have already removed long ago – that reviled symbol of hate and subjugation of black Americans. We believe that this historic act of civil disobedience MUST be honored, and in a way befitting such an amazing act of courage.

And so Anonymous, in conjunction with the Occupy and Black Lives Matter movements – hereby calls forth a Million Person March for the only day when it could possibly happen, Independence Day. We call on every American of good conscience to make their way to Columbia, South Carolina and march with us to the State Capital. We will sing hymns of praise, we will honor the fallen, we will feed each other, we will love each other. And together with a million voices and fists raised to the heavens we will demand one thing: The Flag Must Come Down!

WITH LOVE — Anonymous





  1. Anonymous

    July 1, 2015

    do Jews not matter? or do you think they would not care to march?

  2. Anonymous

    July 3, 2015

    The flag is only a racist symbol for people with hate still in their hearts. It is true the flag once was used for hate and war. So is the US flag. We should not even be here, this land was not ours for the taking. Yet we are here, The US flag is used in may wars, yet that fact is over looked. The Nazi symbol was once a sign for piece but that was changed with Hitler. A flags meaning can change over time as well as a symbol. What was once used for hate is now a sign of heritage. You see all races carrying the flag now. Not just whites, When you see videos of people sporting the flag you hear music created by black people such as lil Wayne and much more. It depends on the person and how the flag is used. Taking down the flag will not remove hate from peoples hearts. It will only stir the pot. Hate is not bread but taught. I am a defender of the flag because in my eyes as well as many others its a sign of heritage. I am proud of where I come from, when I or my friends or many other people see the flag its not hate that we see nor feel.

    Anonymous is aposed to stand for the people, This is not standing up to the oppressors. This is giving in, this is a clear sign of still being brain washed by the government and letting the media control your lives. Notice how the flag became a big deal after the media got a hold of it. There will always be hate in peoples hearts and there will always be someone there to instigate the situation.

    • Anonymous

      July 8, 2015

      I agree with the person above. The flag was not really talked about or discussed much other than it being seen in the KKK. The fact that one white man shot and killed 9 black people does not make the flag racist, but rather the target for the media to turn the focus of the people on something irrelevant to the behavior and actions of one individual. He said he wanted to start a race war, and that is exactly what he did. Removing the flag does not change anything but give people a reason to point fingers and judge ignorantly. Taking down the flag symbolizes that we have submitted to the desires of a cold blooded killer. Giving him wahat he wants makes us the loser. It exposes weakness. When it was discovvered that on the fromt of the suspect’s car was the rebel flag, it was an excuse to try and seperate us as a nation. As another supporter of the flag because of its history, it is sad to see Americans truly believe that peace will come to our nation because a flag came down. Tking down the flag shows hatred for those in support of bringing it down, not leaving it up. The news has become the best weapon of distraction to the people and allowing government to make changes to our country with our backs turned. They say seeing is believing but it seems as if we are believing what it is that we cannot see, the fact that the governemnt wants you to buy in to their every statement and belief, as if their opinions on issues as this and others are not opinions but rather facts. That is what is most dangerous about the media: Manipulation using tragedy. Hatred does not lie in flags or material things, but the hearts of people.

  3. Anonymous

    July 8, 2015

    Bringing down the flag as a means to cancel out hate in our country is not going to do much good. the rebel flag is not a symbol of hatred, but history. the government and media ave continually ran into the ground the lie that this flag symbolizes hate and racism. it is not materialistic things that bring about hate, but rather the attitudes people have towards others that are different than they are. We stand united and fall divided, but it seems as if certain people of certain beliefs want everybody to fall where they do and if they do not, they are hated upon and labeled as someone who hates. People have different views and beliefs and just because they may or may not believe with everything you do does not make that person a hater. The saddest part is that our nation wants to rid the country of racism and yet our government and leaders are provoking it to our lives. It is sad that a nation as this one can come together at times and stand up for what is right for the greater good against other nations but yet cannot seem to see eye to eye with each other over skin color? It is time we get out of this fantasy world and check in with reality before we become the victims of a greater hate.


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