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How to join Anonymous

This document is part of our how to help, contact or join Anonymous series. Be sure to check them out.

The corrupt fear us. The honest support us. The heroic join anonymous.

So you want to get on board the Lulzboat? You better get ready cause it’s no joy ride, sometimes it’s borderline the Raft of the Medusa.

Alternative movements

You might want to consider joining a publicly and legaly known activist movement where you don’t need to live like Batman. Here’s a small list of .

Before you begin

There’s a lot to learn before you feel at home within the Anonymous collective. I’d say on average it’s going to take from one to tree years. Depends on how tech savy and brilliant (or fucked up) you are.

About the Anonymous movement

There’s a lot of stuff you can check out to educate yourself about the Anonymous movement. We recommend you watch and read all of them, in any order.

A new OS

There’s a lot of stuff you need to understand and be able to use, even if you choose not to use it. This is the part that take time.

An introduction

If you’ve never heard for Free and Open Source Software then you need to start reading. Read those two Wikipedia articles: Free Software, Open Source Software.


This is the part that’s going to make you rage or proove you worthy. If you can’t succeed on your own, try again or get the fuck out.

If you use Windows or OSX you need to learn Ubuntu. Download VirtualBox, which allow you to run a computer in your computer and install Ubuntu in it.

In the VirtualBox you can do anything without harming your real computer. It’s a good place to learn.

Other software

There’s a lot of software you must learn to work with. If you know what you are doing, use anything you want. If not, start with those. They are the easiest to learn.


Read and follow this guide : Better Browsing


This part is hard because of encrypted e-mails. It’s not easy to understand at first.

First, in a terminal type “sudo apt-get install gnupg2”.

Second, install Thunderbird with Enigmail.

Third, how to send encrypted e-mails.

Instant messenger

Pidgin & OTR (setup tutorial).


Here’s some useful ressources :

, 10MinuteMail, Fake Name Generator, RiseUp collaborative Pads, GhostBin

Other important information

Stop using skype : Here’s why.

Anonymity & Privacy

Ok, so now is the hard part. It’s really important that you learn what is and how to use Tor and VPNs properly.

Tor is for Anonymity.
VPN is for Privacy.
Confuse them at your own demise.

Start with Wikipedia: Tor & VPN.


Now setup Thunderbird and Pidgin to work with Tor. From now on we will use the Tor Browser Bundle for browsing. For Thunderbird (install TorBirdy plugin) and for Pidgin go to Tools > Preferences > Proxy. Set “Proxy type” to “Tor/Privacy (SOCKS5)”, “Host:” to “” and “Port” to “9050”. Something the port is “9150”, not sure why.


For the VPN you’ll be on your own. Find one that you think might work for you. Don’t use VPNs for Anonymity cause sometime VPNs are compromised. They protect against external spying but they don’t protect your private identity (yeah…)

For VPNs google “torrentfreaks vpn anonymity”.

Forget your real identify

From now on never use anything that could link to you. Consider everything: any accounts or software you paid for or that contain any information about you. Especially your email addresses, your name and any nickname you ever used. If you don’t do that you’re fucked. It really is down and dirty Darwinian.

Join us!

  • Connect on our IRC servers (check the list on the contact Anon page).
  • Join the channel .


Ah yeah… This is the part that you wanted right? If you got everything in this guide so far, then your new quest can begin. We hope you have five to ten years to train, cause yeah, that’s how long it take to become a real hacker.

Read How to Become A Hacker by Eric Steven Raymond. The whole thing yes!!!

Learn how to use : Debian

Read the following books :

  • Ghosts in the wires
  • The art of deception
  • The art of intrusion
  • Coding Freedom

Train here

Some more