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Operation Death Eaters press release : US division

Greetings world, We Are Anonymous.

We have witnessed with horror the story of complicity in the paedosadist industry at the highest levels of the UK establishment. We know the paedosadist industry in the UK is a shadow of what it is in the U.S. We know the high level complicity in the UK is perfectly matched by the complicity at our highest levels of establishment. We also have seen inquiries into the industry stopped with murder, threats, jail and discrediting identical to that experienced by our comrades in the UK.

Child trafficking and paedosadist media are the fastest growing crimes in the US. Half of all global paedosadism media is produced in the US. 39% of the children being tortured and murdered are under six years old. Children globally are trafficked to feed the horrifyingly colossal US paedosadism industry. US federal and state employees are running paedosadist industry. Protected child trafficking rings with cops, judges, lawyers, clergy and government employees are all covering for each other. We have seen the exact same stories in the US Torture Report as we have seen in testimony from survivors of the US paedosadist industry. The Torture Report described the death eaters’ working hours, OpDeathEaters shows their recreation.

UK Prime Minister David Cameron has started a campaign with with 50 other countries called . They promise to give themselves greater power over the Internet and arrest more low level people who contribute extremely little to the paedosadism industry while continuing to ignore high level complicity in the real life paedosadism industry. The first objective of WeProtect is to block all paedosadism related searches from the Internet, which would mean no one could research this topic. Research the scale of the coverups already confirmed in the UK to understand how disastrous it would be to rely on the media and government messaging only.

The objective of is an internationally linked, independent, victim-led paedosadist inquiry / tribunal which is in no way affiliated with all of the institutions of power which have created and run this industry. Our first task is to collect all the factual information we can find on the scale of the industry and the actions and inactions of the powerful (while our search engines still work). Our second is to share that information as widely as possible. Our third is to set up an independent, internationally linked, inquiry into all the areas which do not appear to have been investigated properly. Children are too important to leave to cover-ups and conspiracy theories.

People are not products. We refuse to tolerate our children being bought and sold, tortured and killed as elite entertainment.

Resistance is existence.

We are Anonymous.
We are everywhere.
We are legion.
We are those you have left without a home.
We are those you have tortured.
We are those you have murdered.
We are voiceless no more.
The world will change. We will change it.

Tyrants of the World,
Expect Us!

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