We retract the “Anons warn about insurection” video – It’s a fake

Greetings everyone,

Yesterday, we published this video “Anonymous warns about insurrection in America” and it turned out to be a fake.

First, we want to say we know telling the truth about this might make look us like idiots and make us lose credibility but since we promote truth, we will act as such.

How do we know it’s a fake?

The logo on the top left corner is in all the dude’s videos on his channel..
Video is only hosted on the dude’s channel and not on any known Anon channel.
The techniques used in this video are not usually used by the editor(s) we know.
The topic. Gun control, is not a topic Anonymous is known to cover.
Most anons agree it doesn’t feel like us.
It’s not related to any Operations and we always associate this kind of PR to specific operations.
We know a lot of anons and none was able to tell us who is the creator of this video.
Not one Anon acknowledges the creation of this video.

We made a mistake!

Our ‘About Us’ page says : Be a reliable source of information. And we failed here. We apologize.

Making a mistake is something that can happen, but instead of lying about it and hiding it, we honor our motto. We aim to be honest and accountable.

What we think about this

Our voice is a tool we created for the people to use.
This dude is free to create a fake anonymous video if he likes.

But we are not working on any such operations we do not endorse this video.
Regardless we agree or not here doesn’t matter.
Truth is what matters.