The Internet Welcomes A New Breed


The illusion of Security.
Is it real, or is it a figment of your imagination?

|-_ [ What We Believe ] _-|

Maintaining freedom of information and speech has been a struggle for some time now and every time we are getting closer to the truth the governing bodies try to shut these ideas down. What they do not realize is that the idea of freedom of speech and information can not be stopped, the harder you fight these ideas the more followers will get behind the fight to keep them.

We are not here to hurt and expose the innocent bystanders that have been caught between enemy lines during recent attacks and leaks. Our goal is to expose the lies and stop the fallacies from being fed to us, the people.

Without knowledge and awareness, we as the human race cannot evolve and move forward. We shouldn’t be suppressed or kept from information nor should we be censored. As people, we should have the privilege to see our governments as transparent as possible.

We as people should not be afraid of the governments, they should be afraid of us. If we have the power to vote our politicians in, we have the very same power to protest and ask for the change they promise.

|-_ [ ?Why? ] _-|

The Mirage team/staff are here to do just that. We seek no fame and no status. All we seek and hope for if for the corruption to be dealt with and abolished within the governments and greedy corporations who only care for themselves, not the people who keep them in the undeserved positions that they are in.

["The Mirage project is intended for constructive and productive operations and projects." ~Mirage Staff]

|-_ [ ?HOW? ] _-|

The team/staff and loyal members/users all come from different aspects of the globe. We all have seen and been through many obstacles in our lives and have seen plenty corruption to just sit around and ignore them. Through out the years we each have developed certain skills and techniques that can be used to spread awareness and share the knowledge that is meant to be free.

|-_ [ Rules & Regulations ] _-|

+ We are not responsible for your actions that you may commit on this network.
+ If your intentions are for illegal acts, you should know what consequences can come from it. If you are not comfortable with the consequences, do not attempt them.

+ The Staff of Mirage. are here to help protect and secure your online identities and will make sure your time spent on the IRC network was worth the visit and not wast your valuable time.

+ We recommend to always connect securely using any methods available on the internet. If you think your security might be at risk, do not connect until otherwise.


|-_ [ Contact Us ] _-|

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