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Anonymous: #opTurkey

Follow @anonyreport for immediate updates. Participants: @AnonyOpsDe @MissOpTurkey @AsorTeam Citizens of Turkey, we are Anonymous. Tomorrow, September 10th, we will launch coordinated cyber attacks against the Turkish government’s pathetic cyber security. We will dedicate our hacks to the people that

Anonymous Operation Pakistan – Press Release

Anonymous has watched in horror with the world as non-violent protesters from Palestine to Ferguson have been gassed, beaten, shot at and arrested this summer. And we have done everything in our power to

OpFerguson “Hand Up & Walk Out” General Strike

The State of Missouri continues to ignore the demands of the people for reform and justice. And so the time has come to take our fight to the next level. We hereby call a

OpFerguson : A Call to Protest #HandsUp

Sign this WhiteHouse Petition Contact your congressman Donate We urge you to protest Use #HandsUp-CITY hastag, create facebook event and tweet @OpFerguson -cut your connection with MSM, research, gather, expose Website & Webchat Greetings citizens of the United States. We are Anonymous. In

Anonymous Operation Ferguson – Press Release

A little over 24 hours ago in Ferguson, Missouri – USA the Ferguson Police Department shot an un-armed teen 6 times and killed him. His body was left to lie in a pool of

From the EFF : First law to limit the NSA’s power in 30 years

From the EFF : First law to limit the NSA’s power in 30 years

Dear Friend of Digital Freedom, You might have heard: last week Senator Leahy introduced a bill that would put new limits on NSA surveillance. If the USA FREEDOM Act of 2014 (S. 2685) passes, it

Message to Israel & Palestine II

Follow for immediate updates. (RT: TRANSCRIPT: THIS needs to happen and it CAN happen: [ ] – Sad isn’t it? and no, her family were not Hamas, just like Shaima:

Message to Israel & Palestine

UPDATE (July, 22, 2014) – This attack has passed 2 weeks ago, yet attacks are still continuing under the banner #OpSaveGaza every day, not just one/on Fridays. Follow For Immediate Updates. You’re crossing the red

Anonymous: Operation #NO2ISIS

To the citizens of the world, We are Anonymous. The events currently transpiring in Iraq have made us as a collective re-evaluate our priorities in regards to recent operations. The Iraqi people have gone through almost

How to become an Internet hero and save the day

So you need help from Anonymous to save your ass? I know right! Who doesn’t? The word is in a sorry state, human right abuse, government control, corporate corruption, nature destruction, animal abuse, surveillance, you