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127 Sites Defaced for #opIsrael

Greetings World,

For some time now many governments have been trying to suppress us and keep us from being informed and literally have been trying to take our freedom away from us.

This time around, Israel not only stepped onto our sands with their ungrateful, and barbaric ways and just attacked innocent bystanders. This time the government so then decided to enclose them in this mayhem of terror and disconnect them from the rest of the world.

Why Israel? Are you afraid of the people finding out whats really going on? Are you afraid of people getting help from the outside world and revolting against your greedy hands of terror?

“We are ANONYMOUS and NO ONE shuts down the Internet on our watch!”

How would you feel if your house and your beloved family are obliterated by your air strikes?

How would you feel to lose it all and know nothing will ever be the same after the massacre?

We declare war on your injustice and we will not stop until this horror of violence is disrupted and halted. We set sail to protect those being harmed and we will conquer any obstacle in our way.

Maybe you should have expected us. That again it is too late.

After a long journey of anchoring on our sands you have crossed the line. The time has come that everything that your government thrives on can’t operate without will be gone.

Do take this message seriously. This is just a simple warning with millions of voices backing us up.

Our ship is harbored right in front of you, can you see us?

Better yet look closer and click HERE.


Stay Classy Internet

We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
It’s too late to Expect us, for we have already landed.

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  1. Disappointed Reader

    November 17, 2012

    To quote this article: “How would you feel if your house and your beloved family are obliterated by your air strikes?”

    It’s very convenient to ignore the hundreds rockets that have been fired by Hamas over the last several WEEKS into civilian areas of Israel. Weeks of rockets before any missile strikes by Israel. Rockets being fired at the very kinds of homes you purport to be concerned about.

    Violence of any kind is bad, but until Hamas decides on their own to stop firing rockets Israel has the right to stop those rockets for themselves. Just like Anonymous believes it has the right to defend the internet when someone else is trying to take it away. You can’t have it both ways.

    • Anonymous

      November 17, 2012

      You are right. It’s sad that there is “need” for any rockets in the first place.
      Everyone is a looser in this. Violence is never an answer and it will never end.
      Both sides may be wrong and both sides may be right.

      If you have any more information that you’d like to share please post link with your explanations for everyone to see.

    • Free Palestine

      November 17, 2012

      Excuse me, imagine your mother had died infront of your eyes and you have no one left in the world, you are just going to sit there like a potato and do nothing?

      Grow up and think about what you’re saying and put yourself in those shoes, as if you would be as liberal as you try and think. Pfft.

      • Disappointed Reader

        November 18, 2012

        No, I’m going to target the militants that fired the original rocket. I’m going to execute the general that planned the attacks. I’m going to destroy the weapon stockpiles that were used to kill civilians. I’m not going to just fire rockets into cities hoping to kill anybody I can.

        Oh wait, I’m talking about Israel’s response to Hamas aggression.

        Intentionally trying to kill civilians is not the proper response. And before you knee-jerk respond, no, Israel is not trying to kill civilians. Watch the video I posted above.

    • Rich

      November 17, 2012

      It is very very convenient to try to shift the blame to Palestine when in fact, Israel has been the constant aggressor, with a death-count far above and beyond the Palestinians. Israel has been consistently pursuing a policy of genocide and been murdering innocent civilians throughout their expansionist occupation. To try to blame this upon Palestine is errant nonsense, Disappointed. This is the result of Israeli warmongering; unless your view is that the victims of aggression should simply lie down and die. Your statement should read, when Israel stops – not Palestine – since it is so inaccurate as it stands as to constitute an outright lie.

      Yes, it is deeply sad that this situation exists, but the fault always lies with the aggressor, not the victim. Do you expect them to have carte-blanche to simply murder with no response?

      • Disappointed Reader

        November 18, 2012

        I’m not “shifting the blame” to Palestinians — I’m placing the blame squarely on Hamas and other terrorist organizations. They are the aggressors, not Israel — suicide bombs on buses and indescriminate rocket attacks are their modus operandi. Looking specifically at this recent conflict — Hamas was firing rockets for WEEKS before Israel responded by assassinating the general — how is Hamas NOT the aggressor?

        The higher death count on the Palestinian side is a terrible side-effect of the deplorable practice of the terrorist organizations whereby they intentionally stage their attacks from within crowded civilian areas, using their own population as human shields. They stockpile weapons in apartment buildings and fire the rockets from within schools. Would you consider firing a rocket from within an elementary school? How can you defend that action?

    • Geneva Convention Dave

      November 17, 2012

      The Palestinians have a right to defend their stolen homes. Their homes were stolen years before they built a single rocket. Israel can pretend their violence is in response to rockets but the truth is that Israel illegally stole, occupied and built on Palestinian land first. It is now tit-for-tat but the Israelis started with the tit. They are in constant breach of international law. Fact.

      • Disappointed Reader

        November 18, 2012

        I will continue to repeat — FIRING ROCKETS INTO A CITY TO KILL CIVILIANS IS NOT DEFENDING YOUR STOLEN HOME. Defending a stolen home would be going to the appropriate court to hear your case, along with presenting actual evidence of your claim.

        Please point out the international law they are breaking Please also continue to ignore the vast majority of legitimate purchases of land from Arabs

        Encouraging suicide bombers to blow up buses with innocent civilians is not “tit-for-tat”. Israelis did not start the tit — historically they predate (or at least concurrently exist) with the “Palestinian natives” you argue for. In fact, I’d bet that the actual natives are the Bedouins, which were persecuted and driven off their ancestral homes by Arab landowners. Are you campaigning for them? In fact, where do you live? Because if it’s in America, you’re probably on stolen Native American land — but are they shooting rockets at us?

  2. Scared of Israel

    November 17, 2012

    Why are the majority of people so ignorant of what is really going on here? Is it really stupidity or simply mass misinformation by media?

    OK, here’s the reality for the uneducated and/or permanently unaware majority -

    Israel (or as it rightly should be known – “The Palestinian Territories occupied and overrun by Hostile Foreign Nationals”) drops a bomb in a public place of a sovereign nation, with no regard for safety or warning, killing not only their designated target, but many civilians at the same time. They are then “surprised” when this nation retaliates in the only way it can. Then they have the gaul to (yet again) whine on about how badly done to they are and then retaliate with overwhelming, unproportionate, and murderous force against a people whom they have almost starved to death anyway.

    Israelis need to remember when they were on the other side of what they are now dishing out to their “Untermenschen”, and stop using it as an excuse to perpetuate it. Freud was right – violence breeds violence, the molested become the worse molesters.

    No legitimate Government in the world would get away with indiscriminate bombing of any target, be it military or even suspected “terrorist” when it endangered civilians, not even the Americans! Yet the Israelis do this nearly every week, and in the process murder civilians including women and children. Don’t believe me? This was actually reported by the BBC (a mistake I’m sure!), as a BBC correspondent’s baby was killed in that recent attack.

    No other world Government would get away scott free with openly murdering and/or assassinating people it deemed “unfriendly”, on foreign soil no less! Israel does this constantly and is continually backed up in these terrorist operations by the US, UK, and the farsical *United Nations.

    *who incidentally are trying desperately to stop Palestine from becoming a member and being able to use “Democracy” as it was rightly intended.

    It’s so easy to bash little people with big sticks isn’t it? I mean really, are you really such a bunch of cowards.

    And just FYI, I am not Palestinian, nor any middle-eastern nationality, or have any ties whatsoever to these people. I am in fact an Anglo-Saxon male with no religious or political affiliations whatsoever, only open eyes and mind.

    And yes I realise that by making my opinions public on this site that I will undoubtedly be added to the long list of “People to be eradicated” by the Israelis, as I’m sure they will be tracking all activity here.

    But you know what – I’m totally sick of this continuing farse and at least I could lie still in my grave knowing that I stood up for what was right, even if it made absolutely no difference in the end anyway. Besides, I wouldn’t want to live in a world, or be part of a society that has engaged/or helped and abetted in any way the Ethnic Cleansing that is being carried out by Israel.

    Oh, and good onya Anonymous, at least someone is doing something ;).

    • Disappointed Reader

      November 18, 2012

      It sounds more like you’re describing the terrorist action *against* Israel.

      >drops a bomb in a public place of a sovereign nation, with no regard for safety or warning

      “Palestine” is not a sovereign nation, but Israel is. Israel also frequently calls off their military strikes when clear indication of civilians is present, and also drops leaflets warning of impending strikes (see the video I posted above for 3rdparty testimony).

      > No legitimate Government in the world would get away with indiscriminate bombing of any target

      This is exactly what Hamas is doing — indescriminate bombing, so why are you condoning their behavior? Israel is making targeted strikes with clear military purpose, and the Palestinian death-toll is so high because Hamas intentionally and repeatedly surround their operations with human shields. Hamas is the one who disingenuously acts “surprised” when their civilians are killed.

      You purport to be an open-minded individual, but you’re dismissing and ignoring anything that doesn’t support your narrow definition of truth. Have you even been to Israel or Gaza?

  3. The Ghost of Edward Said

    November 18, 2012

    I believe it was I who once said, “Since when does a militarily occupied people have the responsibility for a peace movement.”

  4. Anon

    November 18, 2012

    Almost all of the websites listed are not related in any way to the government or the IDF. You are simply abusing normal people who try to live their lives just like any other person on earth. It takes a real life hero to bring down a silly site on a free host.
    AFAIK anonymous is supposed to protect the small citizens from big corporations and governments, not the other way around. Shame on you.